October 9, 2014


JAXA will be responsible for the overall Spica project. ESA will be the prime project partner, and will be responsible for the delivery of the Telescope Assembly and for the formal delivery of the Safari instrument, as well as providing access time to a ground station and the management of the Safari instrument interfaces to JAXA. The Safari instrument is a nationally funded, the Principal Investigator that provide the instrument, is SRON (The Netherlands). A SPICA Steering Group will be established early in the programme. It will be chaired by a JAXA representative and will consist of members from JAXA, ESA and potentially other funding agencies.

The CNES contributed to Spica mission funding through its obligatory contribution to the ESA program and directly through the national program for Safari instrument.

CNES support to data scientific operating

  • TBD

Participations supported by CNES

  • the 50 mK cooler CEA (INAC-SBT)
  • the electronic for the control of the 50 mK cooler (CEA-SAP)
  • the electronic for the control and the readout of the TES detectors (IRAP (ex-CESR))