October 9, 2014

Ground Segment

The ground segment of Spica will be composed of several elements:

SPICA Ground Segment
Spica Ground Segment

ESA Station
  • A Mission Operations Centre:
    • Located in Japan linked to JAXA's SOC
    • Primary station Usuda (64m), additional ESOC station (Cebreros / DS3)
    • JAXA SOC interfaced to ESA's SOC

  • A main Science Operations Centre, with additional SOC at ESA and Safari Instrument Control Center (ICC) in Europe

  • An European Spica Science Centre:
    • ESA Spica Science Centre (ESSC) located at ESAC
    • Safari Instrument Control Centre (ICC), distributed in several European countries, contact via Principal Investigator (SRON)
    • ESSC to act as interface for the European community to the Spica observatory and interface between Safari ICC and JAXA's SOC/MOC